Ashley Mann

Hey! Iā€™m Ashley. I started this blog in 2023 as a way to chronicle my personal Jiu Jitsu journey and connect with Other BJJ enthusiasts.

I started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2019 in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri, where I still train as a purple belt under Steve Haydock at Kokoro Training Academy.

I never thought of blogging about Jiu Jitsu until after a trip I took to Austin, Texas, during which time I had the opportunity to train at several other Jiu Jitsu gyms. That experience ignited a desire to connect with the broader Jiu Jitsu community, which is what I hope to do through this blog!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find here:

  • Training tips
  • Motivation
  • Helpful resources

Timeline of My Martial Arts Journey

2012: I learned how to “trap and roll” in my living room from my sister-in-law’s Gracie University DVD series.

2013: I started learning judo under my brother-in-law and his uncle at First Principles Judo. It was there that I fell in love with grappling on the ground. šŸ™‚

2016: I attended classes at Welcome Mat Judo in Kansas City. Mainly I attended their kids classes because those were what fit my schedule.

2019: In January I attended my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in my instructor’s home gym, affectionately known as “The Shed”.

2020: I was promoted to Blue Belt in June.

2023: In May, my husband and I visited Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City while on vacation. We had a blast, and decided to plan more “Jiu Jitsu vacations”..

2023: In July, my husband and I spent a month in Austin, Texas…mainly to train Jiu Jitsu. We visited 10 gyms in the area between the two of us.

2023: I was promoted to Purple Belt in December.

Ashley and Josiah Mann Purple Belts in Brazilian Jiu jitsu
Me and my husband Josiah

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