How Much Are Jiu Jitsu Classes?

Are you thinking about trying BJJ but wondering how much Jiu Jitsu classes cost? Or are you feeling sticker shock after finding out the price of a monthly membership at your local gym and wondering if you’re being ripped off? In this guide I’ll go into detail about the true cost of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (including hidden fees you might not have thought about), and I’ll also share the average cost for Jiu Jitsu classes in the United States–what gyms in various U.S. states are charging per month.

How Much Does Jiu Jitsu Cost?

When asking how much does it cost to learn Jiu Jitsu, you might just be thinking about the cost of Jiu Jitsu classes, and possibly the one-time purchase of a uniform. However, there are some other factors that go into how much it costs to learn Jiu Jitsu that you need to be aware of when committing to the sport. Later in this article I’ll discuss some of these “hidden costs” of Jiu Jitsu, and how to save money when learning Jiu Jitsu.

How Much are BJJ Classes?

Jiu Jitsu prices can vary quite a bit from one gym to another, but you can expect to pay something for your training. Most Jiu Jitsu schools charge a monthly membership fee, although some charge on a weekly basis instead. Many schools offer a discount to students who commit to a 6-month or 12-month contract instead of paying month-to-month, and some offer additional savings if you pay for an entire year up front.

Discounts may also be available if multiple members of the same household are students, and some BJJ academies offer reduced rates for training just 2 or 3 times per week, although training at least 3 times per week and ideally 4 or 5 times per week is strongly encouraged in order to make consistent progress.

Average Cost for Jiu Jitsu Classes

How much do Jiu Jitsu classes cost? To answer this question, I compiled a list of the monthly price for unlimited adult Jiu Jitsu classes at 70 different gyms in 21 different states in the U.S. This was not a scientific process, just a way to get a general idea of the going rate for Jiu Jitsu classes. Here’s what I found:

  • Of the 70 gyms I looked at, the average cost for unlimited Jiu Jitsu classes was $145/month at the cheapest rate (for example, with a 12-month contract instead of paid month-to-month).
  • 86% of the gyms charge over $100/month.
  • 43% charge $100-$149/month.
  • 31% charge $150-$199/month.

Keep in mind this data was accurate as of May, 2024, and the gyms on my list could change their prices at any time.

What factors Influence the Cost of Jiu Jitsu Classes?

Several factors determine how much Jiu Jitsu classes cost per month. These include:

  • The gym’s competition record. The most “famous” Jiu Jitsu schools (which have produced a lot of world champions) charge $250-$300 per month or more to train. These include Atos in San Diego, B Team in Austin, and Jean Jaques Machado in Los Angeles.
  • Where the gym is located. The most expensive gyms I found are located in major metropolitan areas or in states along the U.S. coasts (where the cost of living is higher). Even excluding the “famous” gyms, the average cost of all the gyms I looked at in California was $167/month. Some of the cheapest Jiu Jitsu gyms I found were in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Idaho.
  • The gym’s affiliation. A Jiu Jitsu academy that’s part of one of the Gracie “franchises” is typically more expensive than an independently run gym for multiple reasons that I won’t go into here.
  • The gym’s size. I’ve noticed that gyms which start out charging $100/month or less for classes will typically raise their prices as they grow. While some people may be tempted to think this is due to greed, more likely it’s due to the increased overhead of needing to pay for a larger space, staff to handle customer service, and instructors to teach more classes.

Additional Costs of Learning Jiu Jitsu

As I mentioned earlier, there are other costs you need to take into consideration in determining how much Jiu Jitsu is a month. Here are some of the other things you’ll probably need to pay for in addition to classes:

Training Uniform

The traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training uniform is called a gi. The cheapest Jiu Jitsu gi’s cost around $60, but it’s not uncommon to pay $150-$250 for a gi. If you train on consecutive nights, you will probably end up wanting at least two BJJ gi’s so you don’t have to do laundry every day.

Even if you train at a no-gi Jiu Jitsu gym, you’ll probably want to invest in quality training gear, especially if you compete and need to follow uniform rules. However, athletic shorts or leggings and a fitted t-shirt will work in the beginning.


The additional cost of gasoline to drive to and from Jiu Jitsu classes can add up, especially if you drive very far.


You’ll need to do more loads of laundry if you train several times per week, so will probably need to spend more on laundry soap that’s good at removing odors. Your utility costs may go up slightly as well.

Competition Fees

If you choose to compete, you’ll need to pay the entry fees (typically around $100 for local competitions) as well as transportation costs. If you invite your friends and family to come watch, they will need to pay a spectator fee (usually $10-$20).

If you are planning to compete, plan on paying for 2-4 competitions per year.

Medical Treatment & Insurance

If you train Jiu Jitsu for multiple years, it’s likely that you’ll experience an injury at some point that may require medical attention or even surgery. Even if you have health insurance, you may need to pay a co-pay or deductible. If you plan to compete, you might consider adding additional coverage or sports insurance.

Books & Online Education

You may want to pay for additional resources such as books and online courses to supplement your Jiu Jitsu education.


It’s fairly common for Jiu Jitsu schools to host visiting black belts to teach a full-day or 2-day seminar. These are opportunities for students to explore a topic in depth, learn from someone famous, or get a perspective from someone other than their regular professor. If you attend a Jiu Jitsu seminar at your own school or at a different school, registration fees will typically range from $50-$200.

Ashley Mann and Ffion Davies
A picture of me at a seminar led by BJJ world champion Ffion Davies

Private Lessons

Taking private lessons from an instructor at your school can help you make faster progress and work through problems you repeatedly encounter. I would encourage anyone who can afford it to take a private lesson at least once per month, especially after becoming a blue belt.

How Much Are Jiu jitsu Lessons?

Some Jiu Jitsu beginners feel intimidated by the idea of attending a group class and prefer to take private Jiu Jitsu lessons to learn the basics before attending a large class. Even if you do start with group classes, you might eventually want to invest in a few one-on-one lessons with your professor or another instructor as a way to work through individual issues or develop your personal game.

The cost of private lessons varies widely depending on the rank and experience of the instructor. At my gym, a 30-minute private lesson with a purple belt instructor costs $30, while a 1-hour lesson with our head instructor, a 4-stripe black belt, costs $120/hour.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Jiu Jitsu

If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu but can’t afford to spend a lot of money on it, what can you do? Here are some ideas to help you save money learn Jiu Jitsu at a cheaper cost.

How to Save Money on Jiu Jitsu Gear.

You can find used BJJ gi’s for sale on eBay and Poshmark. There are also Facebook groups for buying and selling used Jiu Jitsu gi’s such as Jiu-Jitsu Gis Buy, Trade & Sell Drama Free and Women’s BJJ/MMA Yard Sale Page.

Another way to save money on Jiu Jitsu gear is to buy on Black Friday. Just about every Jiu Jitsu uniform brand offers massive discounts. One woman I know got a name brand “mystery gi” (meaning she couldn’t choose the color or design, only the size) for just $10 during a Black Friday sale.

Barter in Exchange for a Membership.

Is there something you could do to earn a free or discounted membership? Perhaps clean the gym, run their social media, do building maintenance or repair, or offer childcare during some of the classes?

Supplement Your Training.

If you can only afford to attend classes 1-2 times per week, you can supplement your training by learning at home between classes. There is tons of training available on YouTube. If you prefer more structured learning, you can purchase a video course such as the Gracie Combatives series or one of the many courses available at BJJ Fanatics.

Is it worth it?

The benefits of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu go beyond the ability to defend yourself. By training on a regular basis, you’ll become healthier and stronger by getting regular exercise, you’ll develop increased self-confidence, and you’ll make friends and become part of a community. It’s for these reasons and more that so many people choose to pay what Jiu Jitsu costs.

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