Directory of Women-Only BJJ Open Mats

Why attend a Ladies Open mat?

Getting the chance to roll with a room full of only women provides an opportunity to train in a way you might not get to at a mixed-gender Open Mat. Not only that, it can help build community and deepen friendships.

If you can’t attend any of these Open Mats on a regular basis, consider dropping in if you’re traveling to one of these cities on vacation!

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Group of women after an Open Mat at V.O.W. BJJ in Austin, Texas
An all-women Open Mat at V.O.W. BJJ in Austin, Texas

Tips for Visiting an Open Mat

Not all Jiu Jitsu academies allow visitors to attend their open mats. This is usually to make sure paying members have plenty of space on the mat, and to prevent unsafe rolling behavior from outsiders who feel they have something to prove. However, some Open Mats do welcome visitors, so be sure to check with the organizers of the Open Mat you’re planning to attend before showing up.

Also, make sure to follow the rules of the gym you’re visiting. Ask if you need to pay a drop-in fee. Check the website to see if there is a uniform policy (look at the pictures on their social media to see what other students are wearing if they don’t have a policy posted). For example, some gyms only allow visitors to wear white or unbranded gi’s. If you attend a no-gi Open Mat, make sure your clothing doesn’t have pockets or zippers as these could be dangerous to your training partners.

Most importantly, be humble and respectful. There’s no need to win or prove you deserve your belt rank. It’s easy to feel insecure as a visitor to a new gym where everyone else knows each other and is comfortable in their home environment, but remember, your journey is your own and you deserve every accomplishment you’ve achieved so far. Go with an open mind and the goal of learning and having a good time, and maybe you’ll even make some new friends!

Other Places to Find a Ladies Open Mat

Women’s BJJ Open Mats in Each U.S. State

Below is a list of all the women’s Jiu Jitsu open mats I could find in every state. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to submit an update or addition. Note: This list only consists of Women Only Open Mats which are held at the same location on a regular basis. For one-time events, check this page.


The Flagstaff Weekly Women’s Open Mat is free and is held at a different location each month.


Palleton BJJ – Hosts a monthly women’s Open Mat. Announces the dates on Instagram.

Little Rock

Arkansas Grappling Club – Hosts a monthly women’s Open Mat. Look for updates on Instagram.

Facebook Pages

These Facebook pages announce Women’s Open Mats, seminars, and classes taking place in California:

Los Angeles

Renzo Gracie Los Angeles – According to this Instagram post, on the last Sunday of each month, they have a Women’s Only Open Mat and potluck.


Daruma Dojo – They have a weekly women’s Open Mat. Check the current schedule here.

Girls With Grips – This group organizes Women’s Open Mats at various Jiu Jitsu schools throughout the state.

Pretty Dangerous Women’s Jiu Jitsu – This Facebook group hosts and promotes women-only Jiu Jitsu events, including Open Mats.

North Florida Women’s Open Mat – Originally created to plan and facilitate Womens Only Open Mats, this group also promotes seminars and other events of interest to women in BJJ.


Caridian BJJ hosts a Women’s Open Mat one weekend per month. The date changes each month and is announced on the gym’s Facebook page.


Evolution X Martial Arts – They have a free Women Only Open Mat open to women from any gym the first Saturday of every month.

Atlanta Ladies BJJ Open Mat – A monthly women’s Open Mat open to all affiliations.


Nucleus BJJ – A post on their Facebook page mentions a weekly women’s Open Mat on Sundays.


Join the Facebook group Chicago Ladies Open Mat for more information.

Central Iowa

The Central Iowa Women’s Open Mat is held the 3rd Sunday of each month at rotating locations.


Clinch Academy holds a women-only open mat for ages 13 and up on the last Friday evening of each month.


Island Jiu Jitsu mentions a Women Only Open Mat on their website.

Kansas City

Let’s Roll KC: BJJ Ladies Open Mats is a Facebook group that regularly promotes women-only Open Mats taking place in the Kansas City metro area.

St. Louis

Check the Facebook group St. Louis Area Women’s Jiu Jitsu Open Mats for updates.


Springfield BJJ holds a Women’s Open Mat each Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

Las Vegas

Rowdy Rollers is a Ladies Open Mat held on a regular basis in the Las Vegas area.


Strategic MMA holds a Women’s Only Open Mat every few months.


Invictus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mentions a Women Only Open mat held on Sundays at 3 p.m. on this page.


Open Source Jiu Jitsu is an open-to-all, “pay what you can afford” BJJ gym. Their website mentions a “Comp Class” for women which is described as an Open Mat.


10th Planet Portland hosts a Women’s Open Mat on a regular basis. Check the Facebook page Women’s Mat Collective for upcoming dates.


Check the Facebook page Nashville Ladies BJJ Open Mat for updates.


V.O.W. BJJ hosts a NoGi Women Only Open Mat open to the public at 1 p.m. the last Sunday of every month following their weekly women’s class, which is held at noon.

Salt Lake City

Unified BJJ in South Jordan has a weekly women’s Open Mat each Saturday at 11 a.m. following their 10 a.m. women’s class.


Pentagon MMA has a post on their blog from 2019 announcing a Women Only Open Mat held each Sunday at 11 a.m. Contact the gym to find out if this is still accurate.


Check the schedule at Renzo Gracie Morgantown for their occasional women-only Open Mats.


3Sixty Jiu Jitsu in Wauwasota holds an Open Mat for women only each Saturday.

Women’s BJJ Open Mats Outside the U.S.

If you are aware of a women-only Jiu Jitsu Open Mat held in a country other than the United States, let me know and I will list it here!


Women Who Fight hosts open mat events for women throughout the U.K. Join their Facebook group to be informed of upcoming events.


The well-attended London BJJ Women’s Open Mat is held once per quarter.


Join the Facebook group BJJ Girls United Open Mat in Munich for more info.


Join the Facebook group OPEN MAT BJJ GIRLS GERMANY to find out about other women’s Open Mat opportunities.

Find Women-Only Jiu Jitsu Classes

If you’re interested in attending a women-only Jiu Jitsu class that’s not necessarily an Open Mat, check this directory of women’s Jiu Jitsu classes. (If you know of a women’s only BJJ class that’s not on their list, help both them and the gym by submitting it here!)

Submit an Open Mat or Request an Edit

At this time I’m only accepting submissions of Open Mats which are held on a regular basis. (Doesn’t have to be the same day each time.)