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What to Bring to A BJJ Competition (Printable Checklist)

Here’s a list of all the stuff I would take to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. Don’t forget to pack these items in your gym bag!

You can download a printable BJJ Competition Checklist PDF at the bottom of this page.

1. Your Gi and Belt

Obviously this would be for a gi competition. Be sure to check the rules to make sure your gi is competition legal. Weight, color, and sleeve length are the biggest factors to watch out for. For competing, you need to wear a white, black, or royal blue gi. (Sorry, no fun colors!) You can read the rest of the IBJJF uniform rules here, but also check the website for the specific tournament you registered for as they may have their own requirements.

Be sure to wear or bring a rash guard to wear under your gi. Some schools allow their members to train with nothing or only a sports bra under their gi, but this is not allowed in competition. The color of the rash guard you wear under your gi does not matter for IBJJF rules.

Don’t forget your belt! Some Jiu Jitsu schools award a green or blue-and-white-striped belt between white belt and blue belt. If your belt is one of these colors, you will need to bring a white belt to wear while competing.

2. NoGi Attire

This would be for if you are competing in a NoGi division. You will want to either bring or wear spats or grappling shorts and a rash guard. Again, be sure to pay attention to the rules of the tournament. IBJJF has specific requirements about what’s acceptable to wear for a no-gi competition. Here are a few of the rules:

  • No Gi clothing must be black, white, and/or the color of the competitor’s belt rank. At least 10% of the clothing must be the belt rank color, and no other color.
  • No pockets, zippers, buttons, or metal bits allowed.
  • Short length must be at least halfway down the thigh but above the knee.

3. Clothes to Change Into After Competing

You’ll want something comfortable and dry to wear after you compete, especially if you’ll be hanging around to watch other matches or going out afterward to celebrate. This is the perfect opportunity to show off a witty Jiu Jitsu themed t-shirt or support your school by wearing team logo apparel!

4. Hydration

Bring a full reusable water bottle that you can refill at a drinking fountain instead of having to buy and waste plastic. You may want to add electrolyte powder to help you recover between matches and feel your best.

5. Snacks & Lunch

Whatever snacks you’ll choose, you’ll want to make sure they contain carbohydrates to give you plenty of energy. Something light with sugar like a banana or a Rice Krispy treat would make a good snack for before competing, and something more filling with both carbs and protein like a Cliff Bar would be ideal afterward. If you’ll be at the competition all day, you may want to pack a lunch to avoid costly and/or unhealthy options at concession stands.

6. Your Phone, a Phone Charger, and Headphones

You’ll want your phone so you can keep track of the time, follow match results online, take pictures and record videos, and entertain yourself while waiting for matches to begin. If you don’t have a friend to record your match, bring a small tripod so you can have a video of yourself competing. You’ll likely spend hours on your phone, so it’s a good idea to bring a phone charger as well.

7. Cash

It’s a good idea to bring some cash with you in case you need to buy something from a cash-only concession stand or in case a friend shows up to support you and doesn’t have cash for admission.

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