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9 Jiu Jitsu Podcasts Hosted By Women

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1. Girls in Gis Podcast

Listen: Girls in Gis Podcast
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Girls in Gis is one of the largest communities of women in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, holding events all over the U.S. to empower and uplift female BJJ athletes. The Girls in Gis podcast features interviews with some of the most prominent women in the sport.

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2. Sisterhood of the Traveling Gi

Listen: SOTTG Podcast

This podcast features women in Jiu Jitsu around the country and focuses on women with resources that help bring the community together.

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3. The Women Who Fight

Listen: The Women Who Fight Podcast
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This podcast is hosted by Gemma Sheehan, a former MMA fighter, and Rosie Duxbury. They discuss their journeys and interview other women in the combat sports world, offering insights into the challenges and triumphs unique to female athletes.

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4. Get a Grip Podcast with Kendall Reusing

Listen: Get a Grip Podcast
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This podcast is hosted by a woman, BJJ world champion Kendall Reusing, but it doesn’t specifically focus on women’s issues. In her podcast, Kendall interviews other BJJ experts to discuss their success stories, mindset and mental health, personal development, business, and more.

5. Mat Chats with Black Girl, White Gi

Listen: Mat Chats with Black Girl, White Gi
Follow: Instagram.com/blackgirlwhitegi_bjj

On her podcast, host Jess shares tips from her personal training experience and interviews fellow Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts to discuss all aspects of the BJJ lifestyle.

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6. Rear Naked Chicks

Listen: The Rear Naked Chicks Podcast
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A spin-off from their humorous and relatable TikTok channel, the Rear Naked Chicks podcast discusses what it’s like for women to “navigate the cult of Jiu Jitsu”.

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7. Mat Therapy Podcast

Listen: Mat Therapy Podcast
Follow: YouTube.com/@mattherapypodcast4142

Co-hosts Becky Dominguez and Dawna Gonzales are no longer releasing new episodes of this podcast, but you can still listen to over seventy episodes they created during the show’s run.

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8. Hot Girl Grappling

Listen: Hot Girl Grappling Podcast
Follow: Instagram.com/thewalshingmachine123

Follow along as self-described “wannabe pro grappler” Kristen Walsh chronicles her journey to try to become the best Jiu Jitsu athlete in the world.

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9. Beauty And the Gi

Listen: Beauty and the Gi Podcast
Follow: Instagram.com/beautyandthegi

Beauty and the Gi is a down-to-earth podcast about “Jiu Jitsu life, on and off the mat” hosted by two women, black belt AJ Clingerman and her friend, student, and training partner Jen Edds.

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