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Where to Buy a BJJ Gi that Fits: Companies that Offer Inclusive Sizing

A topic that frequently comes up among women in the Jiu Jitsu Facebook groups I’m in is the struggle to find a BJJ gi that fits right. Most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi’s are sized for “average” people (whatever that means), but if you’re a short, curvy woman, you may find that regular adult gi’s that fit around your hips are too long in the sleeves and legs, while “female cut” gi’s are too tight in the hips. On the other hand, if you’re tall and slender, you might feel like you’re swimming in a gi that’s too baggy in order to find a gi that’s not too short.

In this article, I’m hoping to help you finally find a BJJ gi that actually fits!

BJJ Gi Size Charts Explained

Unfortunately there isn’t a single BJJ gi size chart that works for every brand. Your normal gi size in one brand may be too big or too small in another brand, and some gi’s shrink more than others, requiring customers to size up when purchasing.

There’s also no reliable way to correlate gi sizes with traditional size charts such as S-XL or U.S. women’s number sizing. The best way to determine whether a gi is likely to fit you is to look at the size chart from that brand and correspond it to your body measurements, taking into account that the gi may shrink (especially if you dry it in a hot dryer).

But here is an explanation of what the letters and numbers typically mean in gi size charts:

A00-A5The “A” in a gi size chart is for Adult. These are the traditional gi sizes, typically ranging from A0 to A6. Some brands offer an extra small A00. These gi’s were originally designed to fit athletic male bodies, but many women (myself included) prefer gi’s this size. Some women, however, find these gi’s to be too baggy, even if the length is right.
M, Y, K, CGi’s sizes with M, Y, K, or C before the number are sized for Kids or Youth. Some smaller women may find a large kids gi fits them best. For example, the Fuji C3 gi is sized for people 4’9″-5′ tall who weigh around 95 pounds.
W and F SizesMost BJJ gi brands now offer a line of “women sized” BJJ gi’s designated with W (for Women) or F (for Female or Fitted). In my experience, gi’s in this size range are typically narrower in the arms and legs than the A sized gi of the same number, but tend to be tight in the hips, so curvy women may want to avoid these sizes, but slender women who feel they are “swimming” in an A sized gi may prefer an F or W sized gi.
S, L, P, or T, SizesRecently I’ve started seeing letters after the end of the number. For example: A2T, A2L, or A2S. As you can probably guess, the T and L sizes have extra length in the arms and legs. S usually means the gi is shorter in the arms and legs but can also mean “Standard” so be sure to read brand-specific size charts carefully. P usually stands for “Petite”.
C, H, PA few brands offer adult gi sizes with extra width (Husky) or extra room in the seat of the pants (curvy).

Where to Buy a Custom Sized BJJ Gi

I currently know of two brands which sell a completely custom Jiu Jitsu gi, where you send in your measurements and they make your gi to your specifications. If you know of somewhere to order a custom gi other than the places I have listed, please leave a comment so I can update this post.

Killer Bee Gi

The Killer Bee Gi is the most customizable gi I know of, and sometimes I play with the gi customizer tool on their website just to experiment with gi designs. Not only can you specify the exact sizing you want, you can also fully customize the gi colors, down to the color of the lapel, belt loops, stitching, lining and drawstring. You can even upload a graphic to have embroidered on your gi. I have a friend who ordered a gray gi with light blue lapels from Killer Bee Gi, and she is happy with the quality. Killer Bee Gi ships internationally, in case you’re wondering!

Screenshot of Killer Bee Gi's custom gi design tool
Killer Bee Gi lets you fully customize the colors, sizing, text, and graphics.

Shapes Fightwear

This brand offers the most affordable custom sized gi I’ve seen so far, and they have a nice selection of color customizations to choose from as well. I’m seriously thinking my next gi might be one of these! They also offer international shipping at an affordable price.

Isami Gi

Another brand selling a truly custom Gi is the Isami Gi from Choke Sports. This gi is available in white, black, or royal blue, and comes in a choice of single weave or double weave fabric, making it a good option for BJJ athletes who also do Judo and need a heavier gi that can stand intense grip fighting. This gi is on the pricier end of the scale, but it can be shipped to almost any country in the world.

Roll Bliss

If you want to own a custom sized gi that’s truly a work of art, Roll Bliss is your answer. Not only do they make every gi to your specifications, they can also embroider your gi with a design of your creation. You can see some examples of the beautiful designs they sell here to get an idea of what’s possible. This luxury gi brand will ship worldwide.

Another Option: Have Your Gi Altered

If the prices on the custom gi’s gave you sticker shock, another option to consider that might give you your perfect sized gi is to have your gi altered at a tailor shop.

One of the men at my gym who is short and stocky found a place in our town that will shorten gi sleeve and pant length for just $20 per gi. It’s possible that a shop that does alterations might also be able to take in a baggy gi to make it more fitted, although this might cost a bit more.

If you already own a gi that you’re making do with even though it’s not quite right, you might look into this option as an alternative to buying a new gi. If you can’t find an alterations shop in your area, try a dry cleaning shop as they sometimes offer alterations as a service.

Close up photo of sewing by hand

Brands That Sell BJJ Gi Separates

One of the best options for getting a gi that fits you well is to order your gi from a website where BJJ gi pants are sold separately from the jacket or kimono. Here are some brands that allow you to choose the size of your gi top separate from your gi pants size when ordering:


Gaidama Jiu Jitsu sells a “Perfect Fit Jiu Jitsu Gi” that allows you to choose your pants size and jacket size separately from 30 sizes ranging from A000 to A6, with each number available as Standard, Long, Tall, or Petite. You can also buy the pants only or top only if you don’t need the whole set. One thing I appreciate is that rather than basing their sizing on your height and weight like most brands, their size chart is determined by your exact measurements (height, weight, bust, arm length, waist, hip, and inseam).


If you’re looking to buy a gi top only, Sanabul’s Model Zero is the cheapest BJJ gi jacket I’ve seen so far. They also sell their pants only, and combined the two come out to about $90. Personally I like that the branding of this gi is very minimal, as I’ve always loved the look of a clean, solid colored gi. Unfortunately, the only sizes currently offered are the standard A0-A4, but being able to mix and match the pants and jacket at least offers some sizing flexibility. Sanabul does not ship internationally through its website at this time but their gi’s are available through Amazon in some countries outside of the U.S.

Summo Sports

Another affordable brand for purchasing gi separates, Summo Sports has a nice selection of colors to choose from including hot pink, olive green, and red, in addition to the traditional white and black. I will be honest, the fabric of the gi jacket looks different than most BJJ kimonos, so I’d be interested to hear if anyone has experience with this brand’s durability.

Raven Fightwear

Raven Fightwear has quite a bit of selection when it comes to gi designs, and all of them have the option to order the pants in a different size. Their designs tend to have what I would describe as a “tough” (traditionally masculine) aesthetic, but they have some nice color options.


Another company that sells Jiu Jitsu gi’s in a wider variety of size options than 93brand, and they offer gi separates in black or white. Their Adult gi size options include Long, Husky, and Fitted. They also offer a rare A1XL for people under 170 lbs. and over 5’10”, and an F2H for people up to 145 lbs. but under 5’5″.

Fenom Kimonos

This women-owned BJJ gi brand was one of the first to make an intentional effort offer inclusive sizing. Their sizes range from A0 to A4, and each number size is available in regular, tall, short, or curvy variations. All of their designs allow you to choose the pants and gi top sizes separately, unlike other brands that offer their mix-and-match gi sizing in only one or a few basic colors.

Fenom offers gi’s in a variety of fabric types, and many of their designs are “subtly feminine” without being too overt. They also offer plain gi’s for those who prefer (or are required to wear) a solid color gi with no frills whatsoever. Fenom Kimonos does ship to countries outside the U.S., including the U.K.

Fenom jiu jitsu gi with unicorn patch
I think this unicorn gi from Fenom Kimonos is so cute!

Where to Buy BJJ Gi Pants Only

For me a good option for assembling my perfect gi has been to buy a gi of whatever brand I want in a size that fits on top and then buy just gi pants to match in a different size. Many Jiu Jitsu brands sell gi pants separately for under $50, and I’ve seen some on sale for as cheap as $25. You can also purchase gi pants on Amazon. Your color choices may be limited if you go this route, however, unless you are okay with your kimono (gi top) being a different color than your gi pants.

Here is a list of BJJ pants options:

Other BJJ Gi Brands That Offer Inclusive Sizing

More brands have started to offer both their Unisex/Men’s gi’s as well as their Women’s gi’s in more length options. Here are some I’ve found; if you know of any that should be added to this list, please let me know in the comments.

Mao Fightwear

If you would like to have a gi that’s different than everyone else’s, take a look at Mao Fightwear. Their gi’s are feature beautiful embroidery (some subtle and some more flashy) and are available in over 30 sizes, including Long, Short, or Curvy variations for both their A and F sizes. Some of their gi’s even offer the option to purchase the pants in a larger size than the top. Their website asks international customers to contact them for shipping information.

War Tribe

Another popular BJJ gi brand that’s definitely worth mentioning for their size variety is War Tribe Gear. Their designs are beautiful (they’re especially well-known for their artistic gi linings), they offer many color and fabric options, and not only do they offer Short and Husky size options, they also offer the option to order your gi pants one size larger than the jacket. You can order a War Tribe gi shipped to almost anywhere in the world.


The Starlyte gi from Hyperfly is the most comfortable gi I’ve ever owned. I have it in two colors and will probably buy more. It’s super lightweight without being too flimsy, and it hasn’t shrank at all after being washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer multiple times per week for years. It also hasn’t developed the “permastank” heavy gi’s always get, either. Even though the Starlyte gi isn’t competition legal, it’s a great training gi. (But Hyperfly does offer other gi’s which are legal for competitions.)

As such a big fan of Hyperfly, I was happy to see they now offer Long and Short options for their A sizes. The only problem with Hyperfly is that their most popuar gi’s sometimes sell out quickly, so I signed up for their text alerts so I would get the first chance to buy when they restock. For those located outside of the U.S., Hyperfly does ship internationally.


I’m mentioning Sanabul’s regular gi’s in this section because even though they don’t offer as many size options as other brands, every Sanabul gi I’ve owned eventually shrank and became too short for me in both the sleeves and pants legs after multiple times of being washed and dried, and recently my husband decided to try a Sanabul gi and experienced the same problem.

Since Sanabul makes one of the most affordable gi’s available, I wanted to mention intentionally shrinking this gi in a hot dryer as an option for shorter people, as long as you have width to spare.

Have you owned one of the gi’s mentioned in this article? If so, how did you like it?
Have you found a brand of gi not listed here that fits you better than most?
Please share in the comments!

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