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15 Affordable BJJ Gi’s (Including Some Under $50)

If you’re looking for the best cheap Jiu Jitsu gi as someone trying out the sport and not ready to commit, or maybe as a backup gi so you don’t have to do laundry as often, you’ll find several great options on this list. All of the gi’s listed here are under $100, and a few are under $50.

Does buying a cheap BJJ gi mean sacrificing quality?

When I was a brand new Jiu Jitsu student shopping for my first gi, I decided to invest in what I believed would be a good quality gi instead of getting the cheapest gi I could find, and after researching many brands ended up paying around $150 for my first Jiu Jitsu gi. While it was a great gi, unfortunately the sizing didn’t work for me. I ended up purchasing my second gi for $60…and I liked my cheaper gi better. Since then I’ve owned at least half a dozen gi’s and have come to believe that price is NOT the determining factor when it comes to quality. Instead I look at the fabric type, read the reviews, and mostly just pick the gi I think is the “prettiest”.

Are all these cheap Jiu Jitsu gi’s made in China?

You might assume that the reason these gi’s are so cheap is that they’re all manufactured in China, but that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s actually surprisingly hard to trace the country of manufacture for some gi brands. Even my husband’s Gracie University brand gi’s only say “Designed in California” on the tag with no mention of where they’re actually made.

From what I’ve read online, most gi’s are manufactured in Pakistan, unless stated otherwise. For a list of U.S.-based gi companies, check out this list, but even some of those source their products or at least their fabric from Pakistan.

Is it necessary to buy a Jiu Jitsu gi?

You may be wondering if a karate gi would work for a Jiu Jitsu class. After all, you can find an adult karate uniform on Amazon for under $25. But please don’t do this to your training partners. Jiu Jiu Jitsu gi’s have a thick lapel that is essential for practicing many of the techniques taught in a gi Jiu Jitsu class (especially collar chokes).

Recently I trained with a beginner who was wearing a karate gi, and I was unable to correctly perform the technique we were supposed to be learning without fear of ripping his gi because his collar was so flimsy. In my opinion, it would be better to borrow a gi until you can afford to buy one of your own rather than buy a karate gi.

A Note On Pricing

All of the prices listed in this article are current as of the time of publication but are of course subject to change at any time. However, even if the prices go up, I am confident that the gi’s on this list will remain some of the cheapest Jiu Jitsu gi’s you’ll find anywhere.

BJJ Gi’s Under $50

These are the cheapest adult BJJ gi’s I know of at the moment. I do not have any personal experience with these brands and would be reading the reviews carefully before ordering, especially when determining how much (if any) these gi’s can be expected to shrink. The main drawback I see right away is that most of these gi’s come in a very limited range of sizes.

DXM Sports

I don’t know anything about this brand, but as of the time I’m writing this, this is the cheapest Jiu Jitsu gi I’ve been able to find. It comes in the classic colors (white, black, and royal blue) and the standard A sizes.

Jayefo Sports

The Jayefo Sports gi comes in some nice color options, including navy blue, gray, and olive green in addition to the traditional white, royal blue, and black. (There’s also a hot pink gi pictured, but I haven’t seen it in stock.)

If you’re looking for an affordable Jiu Jitsu gi as a “starter gi” or “backup gi”, you can’t do any better on price…as long as one of the few sizes they offer works for you.

Zafco Sports

Another cheap gi I’ve found is this one from Zafco Sports. These inexpensive gi’s seem to run out of stock quickly, so maybe if one of them is out of stock in your size, another brand will have your size.

BJJ Gi’s Under $60

Tatami Fightwear’s Outlet Gi’s

Tatami Fightwear has an impressive selection of BJJ gi’s with nearly 30 adult size options. Be sure to check their Outlet section. As of when I wrote this, they had both A size and F size gi’s for as cheap as $40. They ship internationally, and all orders from the U.S. site currently ship for just $15.

Sanabul Sports

I bought a women’s Sanabul gi as my second (and third) gi after a paying much more for my first gi. My husband recently bought Sanabul gi’s to replace all his expensive Gracie gi’s after they developed “permastank”. This is a popular gi that comes in some beautiful colors. My personal favorites are the white women’s gi with lime green stitching, the black womens’ gi with purple stitching, and the navy blue gi with turquoise stitching.

I do have to mention one drawback I’ve experienced with Sanabul gi’s: after a year or so of regular washing and drying in a hot dryer, both the pants and sleeve lengths became too short. This was after purchasing the gi a full size too big and shrinking it in the dryer before wearing it the first time. If you decide to go with this gi, make sure you have length to spare or else consider hanging it to dry if you don’t want to have to replace it a year later.

Other Cheap Gi’s on Amazon

There are several Jiu Jitsu gi brands sold on Amazon for between $50 and $60. Rather than devote an entire section to each of them, I’m going to just list them below. You may think of these gi’s as a “starter” gi, but as someone who has owned both cheap gi’s and expensive gi’s, I do not feel that price is a strong indicator of quality when it comes to Jiu Jitsu gi’s. Some of my cheaper gi’s have been every bit as good as my more expensive gi’s.

While I do not have experience with all of these brands, but I have known several people who purchased the Elite Sports Gi and were very happy with it. I’ve also known a few people who had a Hawk gi and it seemed perfectly fine to me as well.

Gi’s Currently Sold On Amazon for Under $60 at time of publication:

Elite brand women's BJJ gi
Identical quadruplets modeling the color options available for the women’s Elite gi

BJJ Gi’s Under $100

Shapes Fightwear Custom BJJ Gi

I’m excited to share that Shapes Fightwear sells a custom BJJ gi for just $85 + shipping, and it can be shipped to anywhere in the world! Not only can you order the pants and jacket separately in any size you need (even a custom size for an extra fee), you can also choose your fabric and stitching colors and fabric weight.

Twister Challenge Gi’s

If you’re looking for a gi with a unique design, Twister Challenge has some neat gi’s in their Amazon Store, including one with skulls, if that’s your thing.

Twister Challenge BJJ gi with skulls
Twister Progress 5.0 Jiu Jitsu gi

Hyperfly Starlyte

The Starlyte is my favorite gi. I have it in multiple colors, and they regularly sell it in “fun” limited edition colors. Be aware that it is not competition legal due to its light weight, but it’s a great everyday gi. It’s regularly priced at $119, but around Black Friday, Hyperfly always drops the price to under $100 (last year they sold them for $80 + shipping). As soon as they do, these gi’s sell out very fast, so the best way to get a Starlyte gi in your size for under $100 is to sign up for their text alerts and be ready to buy as soon as they announce their annual sales.

Mix & Match Gi’s

Do you wish you could order your gi pants in a different size from your gi top? Well you can, because several companies now sell gi pants and kimonos separately. Here are some places to order JUST a gi top or JUST gi pants (or both together in different sizes) at a price that will total right around $100. (You can find more gi separates listed here.)

Gi Jackets Only – Prices ranging from ~$35-$60

Gi Pants Only – Prices Ranging from ~$20-$45

“Mystery” Gi’s

A couple of gi brands offer a “mystery gi,” which means you place an order for the size you want and receive a gi without knowing what color or design you’ll get. This is a fun way for companies to liquidate overstocked, imperfect, or unpopular gi’s. A friend of mine ordered a “mystery gi” from War Tribe during a Black Friday sale for just $10! Especially if you already know your size in a particular brand, this can be a great way to add a typically more expensive gi to your collection at a VERY affordable price!

BJJ Brands that Sell a “Mystery Gi”

Below are some brands that have a “mystery” gi available to order, either year round or at certain times of the year. Be sure to check these pages during Black Friday sales, as that’s when you’ll likely see the lowest prices of the year. I’ll add to this list if I come across more “mystery” gi’s under $100!

Tip: Shop Online Black Friday Sales.

Without a doubt, Black Friday is the best time to buy a Jiu Jitsu gi at an affordable price. Do your research ahead of time to determine which brands and sizes you’re looking for, then join their email lists so you’ll be one of the first to know as soon as their sales are live because the best gi’s always sell out fast as soon as the Black Friday sales drop.

Where to Buy a Good Used Gi

Lastly, I wanted to list some good places to buy used gi’s as a way to save money. If you check often, you can find some really good prices on name brand gear:

Which gi’s should I add to this list?

Do you know of a great gi that costs less than $100? Leave a comment to let me know and I’ll add it to this list! I’ll also try to update the prices from time to time, but no promises on that.

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