Kron Gracie

The Attacks of Kron Gracie

From an article written in 2014 by Sam Yang. To read the full article, go here.

Kron Gracie is the most famous and most popular black belt competitor to have never won a World Title at black belt.

It has been said that he has no style and no discernible guard. That he relies only on basics.

Though his style is not the most common of styles, it is as rich and complex as any of the other black belt competitor’s out there. And being the son of Rickson Gracie, of course this adds to his mystique, that he must know secrets the rest of us do not. He’s basically the son of a Jiu Jitsu god.

In studying film on Kron Gracie, there are patterns, and guards he plays, and favorite attacks. In the end he has used many different submissions to finish his opponents, usually they come in the form of armbar or choke. Often times he leads with the same few moves, and based on the reactions of his opponents, he will respond accordingly, to whatever is the quickest path to the finish. As opposed to the quickest path to points, to top position, to the back, to mount, to sweep, to your favorite guard, etc.

Why? Because he’s probably also one of the most confident grapplers, whatever position he’s in, he believes he’ll be alright. The rest of us, outside of our comfort zones, panic sets in. So we scramble or play to bring the fight back to our key positions.

Instead of chaining typical moves, he likes to chain submission attempts and chains sweeps or takedowns based on the opponent’s reactions to his submission flurries.

It would be impossible to explain his whole game, especially when it’s always evolving but he does rely heavily on his 3 prong attack (similar to the triangle offense used by Phil Jackson and executed to perfection by Michael Jordan). It’s like in chess, the masters use the same opening moves, after that is when chaos ensues.

Click Here to read about these three main attacks used by Kron Gracie.

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